I love the way photography has the ability to capture forever, a unique moment in time, a moment that would otherwise remain hidden in the special places of the soul...the special place where we hide away our most precious memories, hopes and dreams... Here, I will share my journey, as I learn to capture those moments destined for the Hidden Places of the Soul....

About Me

May Bird Stitches is a celebration of my dearest childhood memories. My love of creating was born from two very important ‘May’s’ in my life, my mum, Alwyn May and my Nana, Emily May. Many happy hours were spent at their elbow watching them knit and sew, if I was lucky they’d let me work the peddle. With their nurturing I learnt you are only limited by your imagination. Being born in May, makes me a May too!! May Bird Stitches is cosy and colourful, fresh and fun, with traditional and timeless influences and most importantly stitched together with love.

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